Event Light System 6/575

Shorter setup times and reduced costs of the lighting equipment are the significant
features of this universal lighting system. Therefore it is especially suitable for the professional use on fairs, shows, for film and television and special events.

The 19" technology which is significant for the Event system allows customer individual
configuration of 19" cabinet racks or flight cases where the ballasts can be mounted in.
To operate a large number of 575 W lamps this is the way to build cost effective lighting systems.

The system shown below consists of three Electronic Ballasts EB Event 6/575,
mounted in a specially designed flight case. Each ballasts supplies up to six 575W Event daylight lamps via multicore cable and splitbox.

Long multicore cables between flight case and splitbox make it possible to operate the Electronic Ballasts in a distant place, while the Event lamps are attached to the splitbox locally. An improved cable management and a significant reduction of fan noises at the
location are the results.

Flight Case with
3 x EB Event 6/575
Front side with operating switches
Multicore cable
Rear side with connectors
for multicore cables and
mains connector