Event Light System 1200 W

The universal Event Lighting System is suitable for professional lighting of objects and areas
on shows and fairs, for film and television and various events. It is the right choice to save
setup time and costs of the lighting equipment.

The 19” technology of the Electronic Ballast EB Event 3/1200 offers different configurations to meet
customer purposes. The ballasts can be mounted either in custom designed 19” cabinet racks
or flight cases. This is a cost effective way to supply a large number of 1200 W lamps.

The system shown below consists of three Electronic Ballasts EB Event 3/1200, mounted in a
specially designed flight case. Each ballast supplies up to three 1200 W Event daylight lamps via
multicore cable and splitbox.

With the use of long multicore cables between flight case and splitbox the Electronic Ballasts
can be operated in the distance, while the Event lamps are attached locally to the splitbox.

As a result improved cable management and significant reduction of the fan noises
at the location can be achieved.

Flight Case with 3x EB Event 3/1200
Front side with operating switches
Multicore cable
Rear side with connectors for multicore cables and mains connector