EB 6000

Electronic ballast for use with 6000 W Metal Halide Lamps

  • Available for daylight lamps of all well-known manufacturers.
  • Lamp power constant controlled for steady light quality
    independent of line voltage and of the age of the bulb used.
  • Flicker free operation by use of 75 Hz square wave current.
  • Typical light ripple max. 3% .
  • Additional `low-noise` modes (50 Hz / 60 Hz) to reduce
    the noise that might occur in the lamp head.
  • Optionally equipped with 300 Hz operation mode for use with digital 'high speed' cameras.
  • “Arc Control” to prevent unintended resonance arising inside
    bulbs of different designs.
  • Dimming in range of 50 - 100% of nominal lamp power.
  • With active line filter (PFC) for minimized apparent power and
    reduced disturbances of Power supply network.
  • Large range for input voltage 180 - 250 V~.
  • Protection against line overvoltage and overtemperature.
  • Lamp outlet protected against no-load conditions and
    short circuit.
  • Solid aluminum construction witch outside heat sinks.
  • Very silent due to temperature regulated fans.
  • Optionally equipped with digital remote control (DMX512).
Technical Data
Lamp Power 6000 W
Supply Voltage 180 - 250 V~ 50 / 60 Hz 1,N,PE
Line Power 6800 VA (max.)
Power Factor

cos φ ≈0.98

Dimensions (w•h•d)
243 • 358 • 450 mm
Weight approx. 25 kg